Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wishing on a Star
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Do you ever get too old to wish on stars? Possibly so....Maybe when you get older not so many stars fall out of the sky for you to wish on because your time is running out for them to come true. I listened to the St.Louis news last night and believed them when they said last night was going to be the biggest of meteor nights from12 to 5 am and so as only a kid at heart would, I fixed my peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread with a small scoop of jelly and filled my thermos with cold milk and grabbed a blanket. It was three am and I was in the car looking for meteors, or wish able stars to me. It's a wonder the Bogey man did not get me, sitting on a deserted country road in the middle of nowhere waiting for this explosion of meteors to grace my view. Well I guess two is better than none and I cannot tell what my wish was because you know it will not come true if you tell. I can tell you it had something to do with a cure for a foxy disease that seems to be playing with me.I sat down there in the dark and ate my sandwich an milk and was able , by the grace of God to find the big dipper and little dipper. I thought this was a remarkable feat considering how long it had been since I had searched them out. As I laid there on my car hood, quite content, I realized just how funny it would have been if someone had been driving home from work and come up on me. It would probably been the determining factor to me being committed to a home. I pondered this thought along with the beauty of the night and the masterpiece God had made for me and decided I would be satisfied with two stars. Why should I get greedy in my old age? One would have really been enough and then one would have to decide whether I still have the patience to wait for my wish to come true. Well as I thought all of this over, I decided the old recliner would feel much better on my back and headed home. Another night another lesson learned.....don't be greedy just take the star you pokie

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