Friday, August 21, 2009

Where Is Time Going?
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I cannot believe it is now mid August. Four more months and Christmas will be here...and WINTER. The word winter strikes the fear of God in most people who have Parkinson's. Using me as an example, I can only tell you that cold weather and further isolation are not my thing. This summer has not been like most. Cooler than usual and very wet in our part of the country. This would be bad enough but my friends seem to be having an exceptionally bad time with life right now. One is fighting Lymes and is having more bad days than good. One has spent the summer fighting varicose veins and wonders if she's winning and it goes on and on. My own health has been really scary, to say the least and so this morning I sat a new goal and decided to blog my heart out. When I opened my St. Louis blog, the question was,"What is the best Christmas present you ever received?" PLEASE....I realize I am old by some standards (63) and slow by some standards(Pokie with Parkinson's) but am I missing something here? We have not had Halloween or Thanksgiving and we are wondering about best Christmas. I guess maybe thinking about it is not bad but something here sends up red flags in me. How fast do we have to travel in the life? Everyone around me seems to be going at Warp speed.....Is it just me or as they zoom past, do they have an ability that I no longer have? Can they get Everything done and still enjoy life, or are they just going through the motions? Could I just be too sensitive at this stage and looking for faults? As I am passed by in the slow lane, I can only say this, "I like the slow life in the slow lane." Though my life gets slower and slower, as it will.....the colors seem brighter and the emotions stronger. I heard someone mention yesterday that when once watching people die in a plane crash he saw their Ora's traveling toward heaven and some were brighter than others. He decided then to spend his remaining life making his Ora brighter. ME TOO! Maybe I will just pray for the present of a brighter Ora this Christmas and the time to make it the brightest ever,,,,,,,,love pokie

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