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Bethlehem town
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I have a favorite poet, as many will know who really read my writing.  Helen Lowrie Marshall would be one hundred or more were she alive now and she was home schooled on the plains yet grew up to write some of the most touching poetry I have ever read.  Maybe I relate so closely because of her farmer roots but I have always thought we were drawn together in some way.  I search the internet for little treasures of her writing and often order books of hers that were exchanged among friends in the sixties.  They often have writings in them that give me insite into friendships that have long since been forgotten or maybe never known.  Memories of two people sharing caring thoughts for each other.  The little book I received today was called "Aim For A Star" and all throughout it were underlineings and notes.  I have read over and over this today and have come to the conclusion that these two friends knew the true meaning of Christmas and I will  try to pass it on to you and rekindle their love......
It starts With Ellen signing the cover to Sharon:  Sharon, it isn't far to Bethlehem's any place that Christ comes down and finds in someone's shining face a welcome, and abiding place.....A very Merry Christmas   1966
These are the things she underlined in the book:
Failure lies only in not having tried, and don't be afraid to dream.  Your feet on the ground, and our eyes on the sky.
A world with a challenge for each of us to give it our very best.
It is enough that dawn shall follow night.
No miracle..just peace replacing doubt.
And faith is born within the heart from yearning...yes and learning.
So much of life..the best of life are these, the gifts of boundless depth beyond all eathly measure.
There's proof enough.  I know.  I've seen a rose.
Others helped when I was weak, took my hand, helped me stand, Take my hand.
Yes some things must be shared to fully please and our own faith is not the least of these.
But he always came out winner with a twinkle in his eye.
No man can ever stand alone, nor need he so to stand, for love is always very near, and God is close at hand.
And the one who hangs on with a stubborn grip is the fellow I'd pick to win.
Tomorrow is a slow built thing Made up of Yesterdays. and problems, just like mountains, can be conquered if we do our best to reach the point where we can see the other's view.
And dream worth the dreaming deserves a generous chance to come true.
Love goes to work with patient hands to make these dreams come true......A dreamer never grows old.
And a loving there so fierce that it tares the soul apart.......That's Christmas.
Yes, life is measured by inches......We can inch our way up to a star!
This tiny little Hallmark book has made my Christmas.  I have decided to read these underlinings at Christmas dinner in memory of Ellen and Sharon and their understanding of the Christmas Pokie

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