Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am out there on the soap box again......
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I really don't know who to call first, "the geek squad " for my computer or my brain.  I 'm not to sure one isn't handicaping the other.  I go in to the computer and some nights it runs so smooth and other nights I can't even get started.  My printer has totally ignored me for about a month now and a couple of nights ago just up and printed a years worth of one of my other blogs Coffee With Pokie  .  I was tickled to get the printout but for over a month the computer had told me it was not connected to the printer. Maybe it was wrong and was not connected to me.  Everyday I am reminded of the shrinking number of brain cells I have.  I am thinking God thinks this is very funny when I try to manuver around. My inablity to understand or retain what I DO understand seems to be getting larger.  I would think this would be a lot easier if I was not working on so many projects at one time. My diningroom table has a 2 ft. x 2 ft quilt square on it tha cannot be moved until secure.  My desk in the study has books laying around everywhere open to something I think is important to say.  Mix in the idea of Christmas and decorations and presents.  Dress that up with holiday visits and my beloved grandkids.....and my brain sometimes just starts screaming "stop you fool, your not  suppose to be able to understand this" But as I sit here looking around, I cannot think of one of these things I want to give up.  The giiving up would be like giving up a very good friend, and we know I don't do that.  This is my time of year, even though winter has come with a vingence just like the Almanac said it would.  I don't know about your part of the world or country but the wooly worms in my part of the world were totally black this year..meaning when winter started, it would be bad all the way through without stopping..  I didn't get out to get persimmons, but did you know you can split the pit open and there is either a knife, fork or spoon inside and that is a sign wheither the winter will be mainly ice, snow or cutting winds.....Are you getting the picture here?  My brain is a world of useless information....dated back about nineteen hundred and tring to wander out into cyberspace and function...heaven help them and me,

Now if this were not enough I am toying with the idea of loosing alot of weight and how I could document it through my doctor. This maybe more than I can handle, but I will warn you the thought is in the process.

Now just a word on the subject of doctors.  Are you aware of the fact that the US government is trying to leave Neurologists out of the new Medical Plan?  This would mean that Neurologist would be the only physicans who manage and coordinate care that would not be eligible for the bonus. What or THEY thinking?  I cannot function without a Neurologist at any price and Have set a very high standard as to who I see.  What can you do about it?  Please call your congressman or email him and complain.  Get them included.  Why should we have to monitor every inch of the way this bill travels on?  Isn't  it suppose to be in our best interest?  Not hardly if you stab my neurologist in the back. I not only have Parkinson's but Epilepcy, too.  My mom has Alzeheimers, my neighbor has MS. We all need the special care of a Neurologist and the best we can find.  Think about it and call...

There is just one more thing......I wish you the Merriest of Seasons....Be it Christmas or whatever you celebrate.  Just try to remember one thing.  Look what such a small package has done to change the world.  Can't we help out with a series of small deeds. If it be only a hug to someone in need,.Do It.  Everything you do for someone else comes back two fold    Merry Christmas        Love Pokie

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