Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Here We Go Again......

How many times do I start anew with a totally different disease? I have been at this since 2006 with my first knee replacement and now, eleven years later, I have had the other knee replaced, my right hip , left shoulder, two eye surgeries, four heart surgeries and three skin cancer surgeries. I am still going but see the world much differently. There is such a difference between my generation at 70 and the ones that have followed. Family no longer seems to rank first on the list. What is left behind as an inheritance ranks highest. Years of taking care of my family members. This guy named "Lonely" seems always to be sitting watching me as I try desperately to do the things I have always been able to do. I am no longer as gutsy as in earlier days. Falls and car mishaps scare me where never had fears of anything. All I can say is that I am back or never left and the amount of love in my heart is still there and for ever how long God grants me earthly living, I will try to make him proud of my existence. So here we go again till the pokie

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