Monday, November 13, 2017


 Lord knows I have stumbled a lot. But in that stumbling around I have danced, and danced and danced. Now, as I look back, I wish I had not taken my dancing for granted. Humans are sure blessed with huge amounts of wisdom in old age. Wisdom that would have been very handy in youth. One could bypass so much pain but how would wef learn that the world is never always a field of roses. I wasn't born into financial ease, but I never seemed to go without. My parents never went to church but my dad father "Grampa Mac" never missed a Sunday and I was right there beside him in the same pew every week.  He had a piece of candy for every child who came by and a handshake for every parent or grandparent. Those happy times went on all the way through high school.
My grandfather was a Democrat and my grandmother was a Republican. It was NEVER discussed in front of the kids, but when election day came, they dressed in their Sunday best and he headed out the front door and she did likewise but called a cab and went by herself. I heard they never acknowledged each other at the poll, just voted and left. You see why I am able to dance so well? I am made of strong stuff.
Another dance theme is the rush to fill the Thanksgiving table so all my relatives on my dad's side could feast all day and take leftovers home. Weeks before my grandfather and dad would start going to shooting matches Friday and Saturday nights in hopes of getting the best board and with that getting to take the biggest live turkey home for the big day. All the men I grew up around had guns for hunting and were very good shots as were my dad and grampa. They would win and bring that big boy home and tie him up to the cloths line to wait for killing and dressing the following week. That is a whole different story.....One that would let you know that turkeys can dance with no head....REALLY.
So you see I can still let the memories dance in my mind even though my ability to stumble is ever increasing. Well dance as best you can un til the next of my ramblings.... love ya, pokie

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