Saturday, November 28, 2009

E is for Epileptic
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I will have enough information to become a doctor if I live through all this. I am a Epileptic that has Parkinson's, and a diabetic that has blood pressure issues, and a 62 year old grandmother that is over weight.  But believe it or not I really don't feel all that bad.  The support around me is incredible. has opened a new Elliptic site and it is in beta stage with almost a hundred in it already.  The things I have learned there in only one week are huge. Charts to track your seizures, information to know just what kind of seizures you are having, friends in your bracket to talk to and support behind the screen for anything you want.  I have been a member of the Parkinson's site since 2007 and believe me I would not be here now without their help.  As it turned out, the odd feelings I have been having for six months were the Epilepcy not the Parkinson's.....I would strongly advice anyone with either of these diseases to contact the web site and check them out...They really Pokie

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease