Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A John Deere Deluxe Wagon for Me......

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Who says you can't have fun and have Parkinson's?  No not me.  Early today my son picked me up with my youngest grandson Ayden. The three of us plus grandma headed off  to Bucheitt's, something like a Rural King in our area.  Our mission was Matthew (my son) a birthday present and me a wagon.....not just any wagon.  I wanted a John Deere deluxe, with tall wooden sides and special tires for ruff terrane..This would be the top of the top of wagons and I knew I would know it when I saw it.  Ayden and I set off me in my power chair and he in his three wheel stroller.  Every so often we would stop for kisses and a little hand holding.  Then we rounded the corner to end our jouney.  I watched his face and knew I was in the right place.  His eyes were huge when the clerk got the ladder out and pulled it down.  He would look at me and look at the wagon.  My point rating as a grandma went off the charts.  He has this thing he does when he is really happy.  He has done it every since he was born.  I call it "singing with the angels" and he started in singing and his thought was WOW....Now you might wonder why me at 62 needed a wagon and that fancy a wagon,  The reason is because I can put my groceries in and get them to the front door after shopping. When we got home, his dad loaded him in and my purchases and off we went.  The special tires let me roll right over the drive way and up to the porch.  He and I singing the whole way.  Who would have thought life could be so grand with Parkinson, Epilepcy and Arthritis....it is and I can only say thanks....love Pokie

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