Friday, November 6, 2009

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Miracles happen in so many ways to so many people.  I'm sure so many are happening each day and no one takes notice.  Yesterday was one of my big days, though I believe miracles are happening to me all the time.  I have posted on for three years and laughed forever about the elves on the other side of the screen that made magical things happen, like things I could not find pop up and much more. I would literally fall asleep at the key board and my problem was solved. Yesterday I opened my Facebook and the owner of  the site ask to be my friend.  I could not even breath.  Me a retired goat farmer from the Midwest and he an MIT graduate..WOW. This is someone who is changing the way the medical world thinks about and treats patients and he has personified an untouchable force running a site I dearly love. He is making steps I could never make but together we can be heard on a much wider plane.  This pretty well took my morning to an unknown high.
Then came the afternoon and an email asking for support on a national tee shirt contest for PDF and I knew someone to refer and did.  She is a very close friend and talented artist that just happens to have Parkinson's.
Emails were flying and thoughts were just being produced faster than I could write them down and then came an post from a very close friend who has the ability to find all the most pertinent articles to Parkinson's and send them my way. She is a genius at what she does and I have admired her ever since my first day on . She posted a story of a crew of doctors in Ohio State (The Midwest) who had found an enzyme that attacked the human braincells producing dopamine and was able to not stop the progression of Parkinson's but cure it. Now my days to not get any better than this....The awareness sturred by this article alone is huge.  The cure gets ever closer and my spirits continue to climb.
So many miracles, for me in one day and you would have thought this enough but, I am walking much better too.  after believing I was wheel chair bound and soon, here I am walking, not perfect but better and my endurance is increasing..  I am sure the seizure meds are playing a huge roll in this and it is a miracle at least for me. No day is perfect with Parkinson's Disease but yesterday was close Pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease