Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009
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I wish I could travel from door to door and greet each of my friends with a Thanksgiving basket of good wishes.  It seems somewhere between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving gets lost.  Thanksgiving should take so much more power over Halloween, especially this year.  My thought is, and I do realize that many may not agree, that there is so much to be grateful for and especially this year.  My list of friends would force me to start traveling in the summer if I were to visit all with a basket and what would the baskets hold?  Some would hold books of poems and stories to fill those empty hours when no one is with them.  Some would be filled to the breem with fancy foods they should not eat but they could break into and cherish just one day. Some would have packages of  hope to be opened each day and held tight until the next day came.  Some would have snuggle blankets and warm sunshine to warm the aches and pains away.  And some would have hugs and kisses and smiles in abundance.   I know I am a dreamer and a dreamer I will stay because thease are the things tht get me to the next day. My Thanksgiving will be spent with my kids and grandkids and I will  tell stories because that who I am in this family "The story teller".  We will eat too much and drink some hot chocolate with a little kick and thoughts will wonder through each of the kids heads about my condition and they will wonder why this had to happen and I.....will think how blessed I am to be here in their presence with them knowing how close their mom is to her Lord and how pleased I am with my life.  Today and tomorrow are more special than yesterday and the past.  My smiles get bigger and my happiness grows daily. The days are so full and I am never alone. Thanksgiving is all it could ever be and when we set down to our table at my daughters house we will all know the key has been past. The next oldest child has taken over for mom.  The groceries are bought and HER kitchen will be warmed and her family will learn first hand what the holidays mean. I have enjoyed and looked forward to the all day all night ritual on Wednesday and the dressing of the table with each glass in its special place. Each bowl fixed just so and the antique bowls from generations past holding only cold dishes so as not to suffer cracks.  For you see, previous generations eat with us through their cut glass surving bowls and some like my dad will be their through his apple salad and oyster dressing.  I apolagize for the rambling but in all this I hope you have felt the warmth and love and maybe if I didn't make it to your door I made it to your heart...Happy Thanksgiving...Love Pokie

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