Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pokie on a Soap Box
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You would never know that it's been a month since I had a seizure.  I am feeling great and the things that are happening in the part of the medical field I touch are just beyond belief.  I have waited for three years for some of the things that are happening now as you read this. People are contacting me that have arthritis, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, diabetes and more and wanting information and I can provide them with reading material.  Patients from all over the world...Kenya, Israel, Canada  and all over the U.S. The "One on One" belief is spreading.... and fast. Who would have thought that three years ago such communities would be springing up that benefit the patient?  Finally the patient has come to the forefront, where he should have been all along.  The patient is the one with the disease and he should be in control of his treatment and records....He should be given every bit of information and showed every test result.  He should not be treated as a number but a person with a heart and soul. As we get these diseases the opportunity for research increases.  Many diseases have cross similarities and can be studied for the benefit of all. If you have Parkinson's, you have symptoms similar to Ms, ALS and many more.You should have the right to find other patients and form a community for the benefit of all and have that information researched for a cure.....because one cure will no doubt affect all of us.  As we as patients reach out into cyberspace to other patients to find out what works and what does not, drugs that don't work are left behind and treatments are required to be improved.  The diseases that were concidered hopeless and  therefore best treated by medicating (often over medicating) and hiding that patient from the public, are coming to the forefront.  We are funtioning , productive members of society.  True there are things we can not do for ourselves and yes we need help in some areas but the mind is the last thing to go and we are the senior survivors.  We are the people who know the ropes. All we need is someone let us use their legs to spread the word and help us find a cure.  Parkinson's is being diagnosed at eighteen...It is no longer an old persons disease.....Can you help us out and let us use your bodies and legs to get our knowledge to the public and the medical field?...As always, Pokie

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Parkinson's Unity Walk said...

Pokie, love the title of this entry.

Keep writing and walking!!

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