Monday, November 16, 2009

"I love you, too.........
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What does it take to make a good friend and do the requirements change with time?  In early life it is some one who plays with you in the sand box and though you have spats always comes back on another day, with all things forgotten and ready for a new episode to start.  Mid life is the same with bigger stakes, and one is always distracted by life's hassles and tragedies . At this point in time, one usually turns to their family. Friends are there but not to the intensity that comes with age.  Like a good wine these friendships are the best by far.  Any emotion that makes it past the passion of the early stage and moves on or endures to the clear thinking stage is worth its weight in gold. I have reunited with high school friends recently and that set my heart off and running.  I got very sick and woke up to my best friend at the end of my bed. I have gotten letters from strangers from all parts of the world wanting to be my friend.  I have friends I have never met but who warm my heart by simply stating,"I love you too"......As I have stated before.  When I came down with Parkinson's Disease, I would have had trouble finding eleven people to send a chain letter to.  I had people I had relationships with but few had went deep into my life.  This was either by their choice or mine.  My children occupied most of my life and my love life occupied the other.  I traveled from one day to the next at a lightning pace not realizing that God had only allotted so many days to each of us and we should be cherishing each sunrise and sunset and all between. With Parkinson's you can travel through many diagnoses before they land on a firm opinion.  You may start at Parkinson's, travel through MSA and end up in Lymes or  vis versa.  Maybe it is the tragedy of all this or just our maturity, but these friendships seem to me to be the best.  Maybe it is the whole ora of emails instead of letters. All I can say is that in the past three years I have made friends that are so precious to me.  I have continued with old friends in a new light that truely shines.  I look forward to new relationships daily from places I will never see. Yes I believe in a higher power.  To me it seems to be a given, and as I battle life these are the things that keep me going and smiling. No matter how tired I am, there comes a ,"I love you too, Pokie" that is just like God pulling a snuggle blanket over me so I can take a good nap.....thank you Lord and one and all,     Pokie

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