Sunday, March 28, 2010

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There is occasion when even I must stop and say some things that have not been said to some one who is always the strong one, and sadly has always been. At the age of eleven, I remember her listening to a conversation I was having with my doctors nurse, "When she said almost to her self, oh no not again, please!". At age nine she had been thrust into having to take care of children while still a child herself, when her brother was born and it was only mom to take after him when mom went to didn't do such things and as the plan worked out that little brother was sick for most of his childhood. Then there was divorce and that left my daughter and I , mothers to small kids five and three Even at that time she worked harder than most , stacking wood and cleaning house plus keeping her studies at A and being in sports. All of these things and many more were a part of her world and what was her mom doing but bringing her unwanted babysitting jobs that didn't go away. She was a second mom and soon learned how to make and carry out the large decisions as an at home project manager.

Now She is grown and her family of two are Brendan, age nine and Haley age sixteen. She is a very good mother...much better than me. Sometimes we neglect to tell our daughters and sons this . Just when her life could be no fuller with family in full swing, her job becomes mobile and traveling is a big part of what she does......She does seating for stadiums, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Orlando Magic, The Kansas City Sprint Dome, and many more. In this field she is one of a kind just as she was in early sister and brother motherhood and later actual motherhood and being a balancing wife.

All this would be enough, but in her prime she is presented with a new problem....a social mom, one who quite often can not drive to her destination. There's Walks and conferences and doctor appointments not to mention all the little things missed like a loaf of bread or a bag of dog food. She delivers these promptly and never says a word. She always reminds me that she's not a hugger and emotion is not her thing.

Well Heidi , My rock of Gibraltar, what can I say. I have loved you since long before you were born, when in Germany your life began.....And though those hugs are few and far between.... when they do come how ever so special they are and how honored I am to enter a room in this our small town and everyone knows you and truly honors and respects you. My alpha female, in this household you'll always be and just know that your mother will love you and thanks you from the bottom of my heart.......Maybe these travel times will allow us to see the times from before when we didn't rush so much.....Step up to the front my dear and take the applause. Your doing a fine job much better than me and when ever you might need me I hope always to be here beside you in every good way , because as I realized this morning how blessed I am that you were born a PROJECT MANAGER AND I'M IN YOUR CREW..... love ya Pokie Mom. Nee, Nay and such

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease