Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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When I get tired and start to loose my way this little verse starts playing in my head......

No matter what the task may be,
How hard the course you face,
Believe that you have what it takes
To run life's toughest race.

I dream and it seems to happen and I wonder when I developed this ability in life. Did it take this last calamity in my life to bring it out or was it always there? I can remember telling my son this when school became almost too hard to bear. I would always say,"Matt, God would not put you through this unless he was getting you ready for bigger and better things." and as time went on he was there for Matt in so many ways. The last race is never run. The highest hill is never climbed. I sleep for a while and and when I start to wake up ideas are already forming in my head. Is this compulsion or passion? I just took a nap for about an hour in the middle of the day. This is something I do everyday after my noon medication and today I woke up thinking, "I wonder if the Christopher Reeves Foundation knows about the Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk? Shouldn't someone invite them? I guess that someone would be me......and that is the way my mind works. Please do not think me over worked or put on in any way. I truly love what I do in every way. And as I wake up from that nap, I never forget that God gave me time to raise my support group in the years before Parkinson's. He gave me some warning signs in the later years to get ready and I took no heed. But when the time came for this Disease, there was never any questioning his path for me. When the doctor would ask do you have vivid dreams, I would always smile......My dreams are the best and yes, very vivid, but they always lead me to something I never believed I could do, no matter what. God has taught me a vital lesson in my older years...BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN AND YOU Pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease