Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Do you Always Shake Like That?"
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Isn't it odd how things happen? When I had a seizure in October of last year, most people including me thought what else? Parkinson's Disease has racked me with pain for four years and nothing they seemed to give me would help. My sleep was impossible to find and my Neurologist finally sent me to a Rheumatologist who decided I had Rheumatoid Arthritis., and more medicine was sent my way, but nothing could keep me out of the wheel chair. One doctor called me a "Neurological Mess" and another said,"You Walk like an Old Lady". I felt like an Old Lady too. But God would not let me lay down. My nights were spent on the couch or in the recliner and in two hour spurts I would sleep, then write, sleep then write, until exhaustion set in and I finally passed out, back on the couch. If I was lucky, my 85 year old mother would not catch me sleeping during the day because if she did she would get right in my face and say"Are you ok?" which proved only one thing I had a good heart if nothing else because the fright from being awakened from a sound sleep didn't kill me. Then came a Neurologist in this area who insisted on heavy seizure meds and the muscle pain from the Parkinson has just about went away.....Now I have a hip that needs to be replaced but that is a totally different pain than Parkinson's....Parkinson's pulls on every muscle and bone in your body. If the pulling and spasms from the pulling didn't wear you out the pain would. Thus I have arrived at a new split in the road and wonder what I will find when I have my hip done. I would jump at this BUT in three weeks I am on my way to something I plan for all year.....The Unity Walk in Central Park. If I have compulsive behavior it is centered around this. everyday and every hour seems to be consumed by visions of NYC and people I have met there. If this wasn't enough there is the book with people to call and books I want people to sign. I walked into the doctors office the other day and a lady said."Oh, dear, do you always shake like that?" "Yes" I said. "I have Parkinson's" and she ducked her head. I just walked off laughing and thought to myself, "I've never been happier in all my life, to which she probably thought,"yes, and she's crazy too." love Pokie

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