Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorites PUW 2008
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These are some of my many favorite photos from the 2008 Unity Walk. After this I was sure to return every year. The one one just above is from the LeGuardia Marriott. I ask for a view and this is it my first night in NYC. I kept getting up all night looking out the window to watch it change. The second one was taken by my daughter as I left St Louis not knowing what was in the background and that I would come out a shadow and It , as always, would stand out. "Turn to God" and"He doesn't just wish for peace he works for it"
Above that is my first buddies on, Tom, Little Dixie and Tom's wife. What a time we had and afterward New York Pizza.
AND THE TOP....BUT NOT LAST...For as far as I could see in all directions were patients and families, survivors and friends, walkers and riders, smilers and criers, yet we all held hands and hearts and we walked two miles on a beautiful day for a cure for Parkinson's.
Thank you Parkinson's Unity Walk for a life time of experiences in three ya Pokie

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