Saturday, April 10, 2010

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I am a person who travels with many hats. Not physical hats but hats that drive my family crazy. At 63 and because I have trouble walking because of Parkinson's and because I have Arthritis and Epilepsy, they, for some reason think I would be better off staying at home. I really think if that were to happen and I had not my dreams and the internet I would go quite peacefully insane. There are some hats I can not wear anymore and one of them is farmer and I cannot garden which I loved, but as God took these things away he left the good memories and opened doors to other things. Travel and the internet, research and poetry, writing and many,many friends. The hats just keep changing. The Parkinson's Foundation started my list of foundations and then there was the Arthritis Foundation and then the Epilepsy Foundation and Colon Cancer Alliance and then the Christopher Reeves Foundation, all of which I am active in and love with all my heart but one stands strong and wears the biggest red hat with tulips on the brim and that's the Parkinson's Unity Walk. This year is the 16th Annual. I am so ready to head to NYC. All my reservations are made and I am starting on my bags....and then I just sit and wait til that day when I fly.

My Team is Team Patientslike and there is no one prouder of their team than me. I realize, as captain, that is natural, but please, this little team has performed miracles. $6300.00 Dollars and still going and no corporate sponsor to double our total. Somehow I will find a way to thank them for all there time and consideration to the cause. Just in case someone reading this does not know every cent of this money goes to overhead red tape...every penny! Think about it and donate. Fill up one of your hats and send it our way.....Love ya Pokie
and remember:

Yes You Can

No matter what the task may be,
How hard the course you face;
Believe that you have what it takes
To run life's toughest race.

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease