Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Little Team From Nowhere
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January 1, 2010, we did not exist. Though somewhere in the hallways of, there is always a new idea just waiting to be recognized and tried. First we were a team of four then we were more . This year we have team members and then friends just stopping by to " talk and walk."....Friends we have made over the years on the site and no matter what they do or where they go,, when they enter the Walk area and you see them, all time fades away. Pain and sorrow is exchanged for a hug and the world is OK for another day. I have always commented on the diversity of our group on the site, and yet we all get along. We have farmers, poets and authors, travelers and lawyers, doctors and business men and women BUT we all have Parkinson's or know someone who has Parkinson's and we know that pain like no one else. Our community on and off the internet in something so special and one the World should take notice of, for this, in it's own little way, is just what is needed to keep the World going today. We stick together no matter what. We give what we have and more to stay together. We always think of the other person and we pay forward. In our giving and paying forward, the World notices and they pay forward, hence our Team total this morning $10,961.00. That is in three months. This speaks volumes for my friends and their families and friends. Everyone is in a pinch these days, but they gave and I so appreciate every penny. The reason I support the Parkinson Unity Walk so vigorously is just that. Every penny goes to research, every penny! This morning how many of those pennies have they collected? $over 900,000.00. As I have said before and will keep saying, the unique combination of groups like PUW and and Parkinson's Patients is what will find this cure. No fancy, no overhead, just listening and following through. Pulling those brains that can help together with the patient that knows and helping them find the money to find that cure. My belief has been for the last three years that one discovery in one field will help the next, MS, ALS, MSA, PD Epilepsy and more.....they (doctors and big business) just needs to start listening to us.
I am the captain of TEAM PATIENTSLIKEME and a proud captain I am. It has been my pleasure to serve you and now the fun begins. I am about to go into "down mode" as I pack up all the electrical things I need to travel. Tomorrow is my day to fly to NYC.......Let the games Begin. Thank you all for the memories so far and thank you in advance for the memories to come. love always, Pokie

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