Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out on a Limb Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's Disease - Formatting Settings

On occassion these thoughts get stuck as they travel through my brain. They are not always productive thoughts and some never make it to first base but this one keeps coming back and I am thinking there must be something to it. When a patient is diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, the first step is sinemet and an agonist to judge the severity and how it can be handled. As years go on and medicines are changed and doses are upped and downed, almost every patient goes through sabbaticals. A sabbatical, to me, is not taking my meds for a day or so, not telling any one, and feeling like I have really pulled something off.....I do not suggest this. Another thing we all fight is the lack of motivation or speed. This is usually judged as depression and treated with anti depressant.....why not some sort of stimulant? Some brains respond well to diet stimulants and some don't but at least they get you up and moving and alert. Caffenine is a no no for me in large doses, but something to keep you going when your " PD brain" is telling you not to, seems to be in order for those who are not depressed. Baby-Boomers are goers and doers....and when PD takes this away from us THEN comes the depression. My mixed up idea is that this disease starts and ends with our ability to over come the brain telling us to stop. To me, it is like fighting the devil in every corner. Fragmented thoughts that I try to organize.; a house I try to keep clean that doesn't want to be clean; a mother who needs to be older than me at 86 but walks like she's 36; Places I want to go see and feel I am running out of time. All of these things, I might survive and conquer more readily were it for a stimulant instead of antidepressants and downers......Oh, well......This is pretty heavy thinking for a Saturday morning an now that it is out there, I feel better. Treat the thoughts and needs not the symptoms...Does that make sense? We have survived tornadoes and severve storms in Illinois last night and semi sunshine is peaking at me through the window. I think I'll get another cup of coffee(aka, stimulant) and go sit on the back porch for a ya Pokie

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Marian said...

Yes, this does make sense. More and more, I start to think that "mind over matter" matters more than we think. Hmmm... that didn't make much sense. What I mean is: yes, we need to take our meds, but we also need to discover what else works for us and do that. Does exercise make you feel better? Do that, then. Does getting out and helping with a cause make you feel better? Then do that. One of the many lessons I have learned from you, Pokie, is that you have to be creative your approach to dealing with PD and with life in general.

Thanks again for your wisdom, and I hope you weather the storms o.k.

Love ya,

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease