Sunday, May 30, 2010


Surely it has not been that long since I have made an entry on this blog. Did I not tell you that our team came in thirteenth in the Parkinson Unity Walk in New York city with almost $14,000.00 dollars our little team collected in four months. We will do even better next year since we are already starting our efforts and thoughts for next year.

I had just a few family matters to handle when I came back and I had the Parkinson Unity Quilt for PDF to finish. I have sewn 2 foot panels non stop for almost a month and can say I am now done. Sixteen ready to ship after the last pictures and boxing today. I just had to stop everything and devote all my brain to this project to succeed. I not only had to sew but come up with ideas and make them permanent for two years of travel, thus a lot of hand sewing. This was nothing like I have ever been involved with but I thoroughly enjoyed every second.

I hope to be much more reliable with my posting because I have some things I have been contacted about I would like to pass on in the near future.....Bear with me, while I get a little second or third ya pokie

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Anonymous said...

Miss Pokie you are nothing short of remarkable and one of the Lords angels here on earth! Take care my sweet friend and get some needed rest after all the hours of sewing you have done! Luv Ya!! B'nana

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