Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Friend, Patty...... Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's Disease - Formatting Settings

Let me tell you the story of Patty from Concepcion, Chili. On Facebook one night I noticed a group of Parkinson's patients from Chili and invited them to chat. We talked that night and the next night the earthquake hit. I panicked and sent email and messages everywhere trying to find her and then finally she answered me with, "I am Fine." She has skype as do I and we would contact each other and laugh at our inability to communicate. Then her son came in and he studies at the university and could translate for her. I sent her a package right away of which she got a big laugh. I sent three packs, of Hershey kisses, two boxes of Velvetta Mac and Cheese, makeup, a calendar and Parkinson's books in English......It rattled all the way to Chili. She had found that I was collecting panels for the PDF Quilt Project and started making a panel for me. This is it,the brown one on a white background to the side,(I had trouble uploading) and how proud of it I am. Our friendship grows daily as we slowly learn each others language and while I was in New York I found a source for her to receive Parkinson's books for her and her group in her native language through the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. We both have Parkinson's but we both laugh and we love. She has three children and over a hundred in her support group. I am so lucky to have met her and value her friendship probably more than she knows. Patty, when you read this as I know you will, I send my love and "Gracias mi amigo" Love Pokie

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Anonymous said...

thank you so very much pokie for this post about me and my childrens. our friendship will be so beautiful and everlasting. PD took so much of me but also gave me so many good friends as you are.
Ambar, my daugther you have met before, sends you regards and says she would love to speak english as you do so she can get good califications on school.

Charlenne. congratulations for all you do with animals and people who needs any kind of help; I hope you never get tired and God give you the strenght to keep forward.

keep working on your blog, you're really good at it.

hugs for Virginia, Mathew your grandaugther and friends from Concepcion, Chile.

Patty (and Ambar).

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease