Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Number 2057

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I rose above the ruble I call my desk and retreated to my own personal paradise,yesterday. And in doing so reafirmed that I can organize a project, fix a slightly off project and love every minute of it even though my hand would take spells and shake and and back would take spells and I would have to lay down. The project I was working on was a panel for the PARKINSON QUILT PROJECT for the Global Conference in Scotland. I am the initial receiver of those for Patientslikeme.com. I patch and size, where needed and when I have 16 panels , send them on to make a quilt in our honor. Yesterday I was working on panel #2057 "Goodpenny" from La Honda, California. I have known this little gal for over four year from the site. She use to go by UK Lady. I thought that meant she was from the UK but it meant she played the uk...... My granddaughter, who was then four, use to set on my lap and watch when I was on the internet. and when her picture would come up she would call her the pretty lady. Two years ago I traveled to California to meet her and her husband Bob and last year they met me at the Unity Walk, and thus you see the strength of our friendship. She fifty, me Sixty three but both with PD and making quilt panels, with love, for the Parkinson Disease Foundation to show some of our journey with Parkinson Disease, be it good or bad. When I think of Marian, I think of Yellows and bright, vibrant colors and when I got her square that was just what I got. She makes jewelry and designs cloths, she carves and paints and she writes and most important to me......she writes beautiful poetry and now she makes quilt panels.
So many have wondered about my fasination with this project and I can only tell you it was inherited. My grandmother and mother have always sewn and passed their beliefs on to me about quilts. They have never been just material sewn randomly together to cover a space. They have been a story from the soul that needed to be pasted on to the next owner. Marian's story is this

Still strumming, still humming,
Still singing my songs,
Creating and dancing,
and getting along....

These are my
Silver linings, you see,
And nothing can
stop me,
Not even PD.

This is what this project is about and when the World sees it completed will awe. Patients with Parkinson's Disease productive and living with PD. Thank you my friend, Marian, Love Pokie

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Marian said...

Oh my goodness; thank you, Pokie! I'm blushing. I think you're right, there IS something special about a quilt. It's a perfect representation of how amazing a group of people can be when we combine our skills, our experiences, our hearts and minds, and especially our various points of view together to create something beautiful. The quilt of friendship gets bigger and stronger every year, and there's always room for one more quilter.

Love ya,

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease