Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sara-Elizabeth Clark....Four Stars for Epilepsy

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I would like to take this small chance to tell you about someone I consider a friend but I may never meet. Like so many I come across in this battle against Neurological Disorders, they fight their battle and so few hear their story as they do so much for their cause. Sara is just that kind of person. At 16 months of age Sara began to have Idiopathic Benign Childhood Seizures. She is now fourteen and medication and seizure free. With most teens this would set them free to leave EP far behind, but not Sara. She writes a monthly newsletter about Epilepsy and it's happenings. She has a web site and she just finished her first book by the same name. Ok, take a deep breath, this year for the fourth year she will host a Run Walk Event on June 6th at The State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY). In the past three years Sara has collected 50,000.00 dollars for Epilepsy Research and I would like to invite anyone in the area to participate or if you just want to donate , visit her site or contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Northwestern New York. Sara, it is my pleasure to share your illness and hope some of your enthusiasm finds it's way into my body also....keep up the good work' love ya Pokie

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