Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day from the Sidelines Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's Disease - Formatting Settings

I don't believe, if I had planned it, I could have had a better Memorial Day weekend and it is not over yet. As you know I am blessed with three children and five grandchildren and the farm has been the place to be this weekend. As time goes on and my place becomes more secure on the sidelines I can observe the formation of new patterns to be followed in my passing. Patterns I planned and dreamed of years before. I always wanted my ground to be a haven for my family at all times, a quiet sanctuary for all ages, where one could sit and listen to the sounds of nature and become relaxed and carefree. I wanted small children to learn the amazement of frolicking squirrels, jumping from tree to tree and cutting their tails back and forth over their heads. I wanted them to be amazed when they filled the bird feeder and watched the squirrel jump ten feet, with so much precision, and reach his goal every time.
Well those dreams and more came true this weekend while I watch from a very special seat at our lake in the back forty. My grandson, Brendan, hatched two geese out in an incubator and has been taking them to the lake with him daily to teach them how to to swim. Now you and I know that it is an inherited trait for geese to know how to swim at birth but it is only too cute to watch them come out of their pen and follow Brendan down the path to the pond where he gets in and they follow. They all swim around all day and in the evening they follow him back to the barn and get in their pen......Then on the other side of the fence we have "Quack" their mom who has no idea she is a duck, nor does she know she can fly and really has no desire to. Brendan turns her out of the pen and she follows him to the pond too but goes to the other side and does her thing. She stays as long as she likes and walks back to the pen on her own...whenever. She waits on the porch of the pen till someone comes along and lets her in.....
Since I spend all my nights in a recliner next to the front window, the girls put a huge bird feeder outside this window to watch the early morning traffic and now the squirrels not only have bird competition but I have a mother quail and four babies feeding on what the squirrel would be wasting. Many of my hours are spent in front of this window sewing and watching and communing with nature and God.
I have so many thoughts for today but to keep it short I must say, how blessed I am to have what I have and how saddened I am by the oil spill. This will never be righted. These people have lost all......there heritage, their peace and solitude.....please pray for a solution where I see no solution can be made. It seems daily I am confronted with all these things that sadden me greatly and I can find nothing to do about them....but I have not given up hope. I donated my car to the Salvation Army the other day, and donations to everything is made constantly and soon clothing will hit the road for several destinations.......As long as my mind keep working and the dreams keep coming I will keep finding solutions to some of the little problems that are out there. Maybe the sidelines are good . Could you take a box today and fill it for Good Will or Charity, just one box? It will make you feel needed. It will make you part of the fix instead of part of the problem. Think about it from the sidelines.......and by the way did you see "Big Albert" hit THREE home runs in the Cardinal/Cubs game yesterday? Happy Memorial Day to me Love ya Pokie

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