Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Scrooge Syndrome
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Often older people are in great danger of developing the Scrooge Syndrome and the sad part is it is infectious and can be fatal. It starts with an extremely sober face. This face could scare a small child and convince an adult that conversation is not a good thing. It is often followed by a total inability to give . These people can give of nothing. Not just money, though usually their fortune has been made, be it large or small, but clothing and belongings. They have been known to starve and freeze to death with thousands in their bank accounts or at death their houses are found full to the brim with items others could have used. This is a fatal disease. It eats at the holder from the inside just like a cancer but can be cured by a simple act of kindness or giving which always leads to a smile which warms the inside of that person and starts the healing. This is a hard disease for patient and caregiver. The patient can not see his disease and how it is affecting him and is surroundings and his caregivers often forsake him in disgust.

My hope is that this disease does not spread in this time of hardship for as I know the giving of a dollar brings so many more in smiles and hugs. That dollar can feed a child that day. It can buy a second had book for a child, and buy transportation to the library for an outing. It can help in research for the cures to the truly deadly diseases, and last but not least lift the heart to heaven where God takes the burden away and the warmth begins to heal.

I have found the more I give the more I want to give and the easier it is to find the resources to give. When I think the well is dry and there is no money to be found, God sends more from the oddest of places. I never fail to look skyward and thank Him, whether it be a penny or a twenty and I pass it on. Some have called this "Paying Forward" I call it "Pure Joy."

My hope is that you have been warned of this impending disease and take all precautions to avoid it. Give of what you have to those in need. Go to a walk even in a wheelchair. Get out and let the public see you. Be proud of your years of survival and pay back with all you have. I promise you you will be rewarded and never get the dreaded Scrooge Syndrome...Love Pokie

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