Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celerating the Fourth of July

My family and I pulled all the plugs out, this year to experience what living in rural America is, especially on the 4th of July. Living in the United States in this day and time is not the easiest , with economy and unemployment and general mistrust of all government officials. In Illinois this has been compounded by continual downpours making the fields impossible to plant or even work up. Some corn did make it to tassle stage thus the seed for the 4th was laid, corn on the cob. Several weeks ago my oldest daughter started stockpiling fireworks in the trunk of her car until last night when she and a few assistants pulled off a two hours display that matched any in the nearby towns and beckoned neighbors from all around. Our pond had a new batch of ducks sailing proudly back and forth and the grand kids had received and new load of sand which we left piled so THEY could spread it. Food and drink of all kind graced two picnic tables. Our pond is stocked with hybrid red ear perch which are just good eating size so dads and kids fished and my son-in-law grilled them with the before mentioned corn on the cob. The kids swam and moms floated on rafts while our three dogs ran back and forth after them. It really was a true Norman Rockwell picture and how lucky we were. You see we live in America a one of a kind land of opportunity. Even when the economy is bad and unemployment reaching double digits, it is still better than most and for me and my family it is heaven. Hopefully on the Forth in later years, the party will grow to fifty as the kids marry and their families expand. Twenty was nice but the more the merrier is my thought. With this story, I have tried to give you a small glimpse into my life in the middle of the United States on the Fourth. I hope your hoiday was as nice.....if not start planning now for next year and don't let it slip by.....This is OUR AMERICA...BE PROUD and SHOW IT......Pokie

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