Monday, July 5, 2010


In a short amount of time I am facing right hip surgery and the surgery does not worry me as much as the chance of catching an HAI (Hospital Associated Infection) while having surgery or afterwards.....It's not an unusual worry, I'm sorry to say, according to World Health Organizations 1.4 million people worldwide suffer from infections acquired in hospitals. THAT'S MILLION. The deaths associated to this is believed to have been 99,000 in 2002 and in under developed countries the numbers are two - twenty time larger. All of this results in an additional burden on health care facilities of $6.7 billion or higher. To check these fugues and learn more about them go to
We very much need to realize one thing when entering a hospital. Never be left alone. Have a member of your family or friend keep a vigil on you constantly. All Doctors and Nurses must wash their hands before attending you same as housekeeping. Sandi wipes should be used constantly everyday to keep your area as germ free as possible.A little protection will carry you a long way and believe me protection is what you need. Strep, Staff, flu, parvovirus, TB sars, mrsa just to name a few you might have heard from and believe me there are many more lurking there that you have not heard of and what is even more frightening is some have no cure and are instantly deadly.
Kimberly-Clark Health care has launched an aggressive program to teach ALL concerned the dangers and better preventative procedure's of HAI's. The program is called "Not On My Watch" There are several upcoming events you might want to follow on HAI's in the upcoming months:
18th Annual Health Forum/ American Hospital Assn.
San Diego, Ca.
July 22-July 24 2010

BIT 1st World Congress of Virus and Infections
Busan, South Korea
July 31 - Aug 3 2010
Never forget or let someone else convince you that you do not deserve the best. And don't ashamed to ask them to wash their hands in front of you, regardless.You paying good money for the chance to go home healthy love ya Pokie

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