Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fairies at Play


Reality came to play in my yard today.
I watched her with wonder from my room with a bay.
She danced and she sang and she chased butterflies.
I sat and I stared and I wanted to cry.
How dare her come to my yard and bring such glee.
Where roses grow in colors and bunches of three.
She ran in between and merrily she flew.
My life's been trespassed......
For Free.

Odd my mind would go here yesterday, when in the Midwest the temperatures soared past a hundred and rain came by buckets, but, I guess, it was the sight of butterflies dancing around every available flower in the yard that sent my mind to wander this path. So many uninvited things have been entering my life since I started to battle Parkinson's. Usually I don't dwell on losses and try to go on, but I see now, because I thought I had dotted all the "i's" and crossed all the "t's" as I went along and never was one to look back that I was eventually have to face facts. Then along comes something or someone who you cannot ignore and they are not considered a trespass but as they wonder into your life you are forced to acknowledge the times you have had taken away leaving so little to respond to life with. You look back and so want to be the person of before, agile and carefree but know that your bones will never leave you painless for a romp in your past. One thing I am so fortunate to have realized today,is that while the taking away was in process, some things were left behind. My heart and my mind hid quietly away as my mobility was stolen and gone. Once my body could no longer move, my figure soon drifted to places that were impossible to enter and at this point my mind sought solace and declared,"Enough." I have since realized, my heart and my mind took over for what was taken away and that was fine until yesterday and I dreamed of years gone past and freedom of flight. May it be possible, we will only see, if my mind might be stronger than all of me and gain me this one last chance at life that had slipped away only to be saved for another day. love always Pokie


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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease