Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hard To Dance Without Music

As most who follow me know by now, I am an avid supporter of the website and have been for years. Our forum posters range in age from early twenties to late seventies. We band together as a very tight knit community who care deeply and sincerely for each others welfare BUT as we meet virtually every morning for coffee on the Internet, it becomes ever more evident that this country, MY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is letting it's seniors and particularly it's disabled seniors slip through the cracks. What is America thinking? These men and women are not only our past but in their genes and minds hold all the answers to the future. All of a sudden no one wants to see or hear of the plight of the disabled senior. I have copied some comments and stories from the sight and with their permission I am passing their stories on to you. read with an open mind and heart and tell me if this is fare in any way.

"I don't post in the 'negative' range, but i think I need to for now. If you ever read my comments in the past year you know I am the type of person who sees the glass not 1/2 empty, but 1/2 full and that means there is room for tequila, ice and a party. However, somewhere, someone turned off the music. Some know that my wife is also ill (something worse than PD) which is easy to deal with in comparison. Last year, the PD got to a point where I could no longer work at a job which I've loved for 25 years and that, too, I have adjusted to. I've come to terms with the facts that some days I can't drive, type, work a button, tie a shoe, or go swimming by my self...such is life.This is where the problem lies; since I was 16 years old I have worked every day that I could put my feet on the ground and felt that was the right thing to do. During that time I have paid my fair portion into a system which was to be a safety net for those in need, BUT...with cobra insurance no longer available because the premiums went to $1400.00 per month, I find my self uninsured. no one will sell me a policy and every state mandated continuation policy seems to require that I run out of Cobra first. The DCF states my unemployment income is too much to get help, but they did offer my wife (who has medicare and the same resources) medical assistance. I am trying to get SSDI and even with all the doctors agreeing that I shouldn't be working, "The process can still take a couple of years" I Have called the SS Office, my lawyer, my congressman, senator, paperboy......The only one that has called me back is my paperboy because I owe him money.

I have traveled this country from end to end. It is an AWE inspiring gift from GOD and I feel grateful that I have been allowed to see so many places and people in the country I was born in. I LOVE MY COUNTRY very much, but I DESPISE the leaders of this country for the continuous joke they perpetuate on her people wrapped in the lie of health and social compassion.

Someone turn that damn music back up, will ya?!!!!!

This is the third time I have encountered this type of situation in some form this week. From phone calls to the Internet to people at the grocery store. This is dead serious and some one somewhere better be listening or it will be the sixties all over again..... love Pokie

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