Friday, July 30, 2010

Come Walk With Me......


Come Walk With me along life's path
And I will walk with you.
We will share our joys and sorrows
the way good friends shall do.

I'll take your hand and you'll take mine
We'll walk together on life's path.
There is no gift more precious than
A true and life long friend.

And when the sun is setting
and we pause to watch the sky,
I thank you Lord for the pleasure
that my friend has brought me by......

Friends wander in and out of our lives these days as the whole world seems to be moving at way to fast a speed and yet out of nowhere came a special friend to lighten my mental load just by holding my hand. My guardian angel was really looking out for me on this day when out of nowhere appeared someone I had not seen for decades and the amazing thing is the beauty in the sincerity of the thoughts and words that flow from this chance meeting. Just a small writing in thank you for what you have given me back in my life...My Friend love Pokie

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