Thursday, October 1, 2009

This I Know
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I have read too much lately and filled my dopamine starved brain with many very disturbing thoughts.  The news has gang wars, senseless killings and stories too gruesome to imagine.  Small, small children going hungry as their parents panic from job loss.  Houses made a home where in a family dwelled, taken away with not a bat of the eye, leaving two or three generations homeless.  Is it any doubt that people you come in contact with are not trusting or long for another reason in your deeds?  What seemed so effortless two years ago now is a struggle.  I have always tried to live in the path of my Lord, hoping to comfort along the way the needy.  Maybe it's my disease and maybe the times but winter scares me this year. I have had the dream of finding the cure.  I walked the miles toward awareness but now I have stopped to focus.  Which way is the right way on this journey and will I know before I step into the path?  Have I become hard in my fatigue?  I seem to be wandering from side to side on a path I once traveled with a light heart. I have always met the world as a challenge and tried to give it my very best but now I seem to doubt if I can do enough to make my world right. I can only feel so happy that I have my faith in these times of trial. My faith, I know will somehow replace doubt with peace. THIS I KNOW:
Grief has it's rhythm....first the wild,
Swift tide of dark dispair;
The time of bleak aloneness,
When even God's not there.

And then the slow receding
Till quiet calms the sea,
And bare, washed sand is everywhere
Where castles used to be.

The gentle lapping of the waves
Upon the shore.....and then
The pearl-lined shells of memories
To help us smile again.

Thank you H.L. Marshall for in your day and time knowing how to quiet my storm in this day and time.  The killings must stop and we must give of every thing we have.  This is the greatest nation on earth and we have come on much harder times than we are being told.  If it is just taking something warm to a neighbor in need, then do it.  If it's heading a fund raiser for your food bank, then do it.  If it's touching someones hand as you speak or a hug from out of the blue, what have you lost?  Please set a better example for our young and love with all your heart. Our nation is so precious, dour families so dear.  Together we can do this, through trust in ourselves and the Pokie

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