Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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Isn't it amazing how God leads us through?
He gives and he takes, to keep us so true.
I can only speak for this life he has given me
and it has appeared in stages of three.

First as a kid, footloose and free,
I fished with my dad not a care did I see.
I mothered my brother and tended the house,
A child in the fifties,the neighborhood mouse.

Then came the teens which went by too fast,
Young Elvis's crept in and out of my past.
Young love, old love, no day was the same.
Adventure, adventure just playing the game
Then came my children, the number was three.
Each so different and a delight to me.
I could have not survived had this present not been sent
To need me and want me and hold me.....
I'm Content.

Now are the adventures of Old Life and pain.
I wanted in this life to make the big gains.
But these are the Works that God put me here for.
To help my fellow man to light a new star.
To help him to smile on a bad day.
To make the pain less and maybe go away.

I feel God smiling, and listen to him say,
"Poke, the world is much better for just one day.
One on one we have slipped through the night
One on one we will be alright"
                          Charlene"Pokie Too"Pryor

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease