Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lord, Make me Worthy of my Friends
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Life is just so much fun.  I wonder if there is just so many diseases you can have.  I now am a known patient for Parkinson's, Epilepsy. Diabetes, high blood pressure, pneumonia, and a urinary tract infection.  My pharmacy is working overtime on interactions.  One med they took me off of yesterday because it was just too hard to follow.  I go in Friday for Sleep Apnea and a test and the end of next week get the coradid artery taken care of. I can say I have an excellent health crew, doing all they can to get me feeling better. The slightest exertion and I have a head ache.  This leaves me and my kitten in the recliner with PBS tv. He must sense a problem because he never leaves my side.  He's sleeping on my computer as I type along.  With all of these malfunctions, I still feel very blessed, indeed. I have so many friends who support me all the way.  I can only imagine what this would be like without them.

If I could have but just one plea,
I think that that one prayer would be,
With all that such a prayer portends...
"Lord, make me worthy of my friends"

Give me the courage under stress
That they expect me to possess;
And when they smile and look at me,
Oh, let me be Lord, what they see!

And if, sometimes, I may have erred,
In any thought or deed or word,
Then help me, Lord, to make amends...
Lord, make me worthy of my friends.
             H.L.Marshall                      Love, Pokie

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Calvin said...

I love that poem. Facing so much and yet so thankful. Glory to God. Keep fighting...

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease