Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Have you ever wondered, when you taking that next dose of pills, have they got the right disease? Do I really have Parkinson's Disease? Have they made a wrong call and I am wasting time taking meds for something I don't have. This has happened lately to several of my friends who were in the Parkinson's community and now or MSA or Lymes. What a shock to know a disease you have been told will go on for twenty or more years has only given you three to five. You cry and ask, "Why Me?" and go into shock. But if it is Lymes you go "Yes, I knew I was different" and start the grueling task of trying to stop this ugly disease. So many of the symptoms of Lymes are the same as Parkinson's.  No one should be treated for Parkinson's without being tested for Lymes and that testing should go through Igx Labs. It is not an easy community to live in because of the huge amounts of antibiotics you must go on and stay on, most of the medical practitioners shy away from you. Fourteen days is the recommended duration on antibiotics, not possibly a life time. And this treatment is not cheap...As you travel this road everything is against you....the food you eat, the stairs you climb,and even the bed you sleep in.  You hurt all over.  Your specialist costs a small fortune and every state has different laws concerning disability and treatment of Lymes. Lymes is called the siffliss of this generation and rightly so. This is a true hidden epidemic.Because of the treatment, many doctors are in danger of loosing their license for treatment and so skirt around the meds so as not to cure but make life easier for the patient. If you have Parkinson's please be tested for Lymes  and fight for your right to be treated. Surely an investigation will be made into this disease and how it is effecting the United States.  How many hunters do we have here? Did you know this can be passed on to your children at birth? Did you know it can be carried until it kills you? Maybe you don't remember being bitten and maybe you were not and still have the disease. You ache all over and just generally feel bad.  Did you know  that every time you eat sugar, or anything that breaks down to sugar, you are feeding the disease? I know Parkinson's wears you down and you DO get to the point where you say no more.  No more pills, no more reading, no more doctors, but read up on this.  It is a true epidemic and you may be part of it.................Love Pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease