Monday, January 18, 2010

Francesco Clark......Never Gave Up
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I made an unexpected friend this week while half way nodding off in my recliner.  I make it a practice to take my four o'clock medication, turn on television and usually take a nap for a couple of hours. This evening I was following the plan and had the television set on PBS (my favorite) when all of a sudden I am listening to this young man describe my pain in my arm and the machine he had used to get his mobility back.  This is  odd enough that I caught this but as the story progresses it is just another one of those things where you know God was sitting on the couch laughing as he made things happen to MY amazement. Francesco, was  a spinal cord injury patient young and severe. In his PBS interview, I caught a glimpse of him using this machine like an upside down bicycle and explaining how he had gained the use of his arms back.  Through this increased mobility he was able to build a successful Botanical s business called  CLARKS BOTANICALS . Normally one would look up the PBS show and the him and try to find the product....No problem here.  For the last three days FRANCESCO CLARK and Pokie Too have become email friends. He has answered my questions and sent me information on not only his line of product but the exercise machine, The Giger Md he used....I was very impressed with this young-mans business sence and actual caring. His web sit is and his product is great and so is Pokie

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