Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Twiddley, Diddley Dee......Isn't Me?
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I mopped the kitchen floor today while sitting in a wheel chair and considering the end result, which was a much cleaner floor and a sparkling kitchen it wasn't all that bad.  I also mopped the bathroom floor and by then had discovered it really was quite easy to do. I must have looked done in at the hospital because they wheeled me around from xray to lab and the front door...all of which I greatly appreciated.  Then on to the laundry and something was learned there too. I have discovered a bag that holds just enough cloths for one load of cloths.  I load it up and that is all I take.  I use the soap with softener in it and pour enough in a ziplock bab for one load.  All fits in the bag and is not all that heavy and helps free up my hands..  One load is all I really feel like messing with anyway..  That accomplished I ran through Wendy's and picked up Grandma and I a salad for lunch and headed home really proud of myself for what I had accomplished on an OFF DAY.  I made it home by noon and headed for the pill case .  Replenished both me and my supply as well as grandmas and snuggled down in the recliner for what you would have thought was a long winters nap. Two phone calls later I was sound asleep for at least three hours..

If this sounds boring to may be but really I have come a long way and am learning all the time.If I am to be able to stay in my home with my mom as this disease progresses, so many changes have to be made.  These changes are made when I have absolutely no strength to do them. My family only sees me as they wish.  The mom who was always running from one place to the other and at least ten steps ahead of everyone else.  Those days are long gone .Steps are a torture in any form as anything that has to be carried in front of me, never even gets picked up. Meals are cooked from a wheel chair which is not bad once I got my kitchen the way I  wanted it. The last hold out is my bedroom and then my living area will be done.  I will need help with this. My poster bed and the paint on the walls and the position of the bed as to be handy to the outlets ...This will be a project I know my kids will love but Oh well life is good , Huh?   Love Pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease