Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seventy Nine Days Untill New York City
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Seventy nine more days and I'll be in New York City.  You wouldn't think I would have any fondness at all for downtown Manhattan, but I am in awe.  I am very sure this will be my last trip to the Walk and yet at this time I am not sad.  I have experienced so much and everyday seems to be just that much more. .. all of which is something I never dreamed of before.  Every morning when I turn on the TV the memories come flooding back. I think gosh I've been there and saw that and loved it.  Maybe I should have never been the old lady off the farm who ventured to the big city.  I can only tell you the city and every one I met along the way were fantastic. From the gentlemen who held my hand and started to cry while I told him my story on the plane.  How about the way he disappeared in the airport? And how about the taxie driver setting me out at the monument to John Lennon.  Common to him, left me awestruck at six in the morning and of all the places to sit an old hippy off in Central Park?. How about on the flight in and we are flying up the Hudson River and the captain is telling us the sights to look for?  We round the Statue of Liberty and line up on Broadway and he says, "and there are the Trump Towers and for the Little Lady in Isle 13, Good Luck at the Walk Tomorrow that is Central Park." That little lady was me and the tears sure fell.
I'm sorry but despite my noticeable handicaps at the moment, I am so lucky for all the places I have seen and the people I have met.  Not scheduled appearances.   God made adventures JUST FOR ME.. Why he singled me out to be so blessed, I have no idea but I am sure it brought a smile to his face when I saw Central Park for the first time....Thank you Lord  Love Pokie 

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