Friday, January 1, 2010

New Projects For a New Year.....
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 My plate is pretty full at the moment as I have found is normal for a "Parkie" this time of year.  Most seem to go into hibernation when it gets cold but if you are an advocate for Parkinson's, January 1, you start preparing for April and Parkinson's Awareness Month.  My mail box is crammed full each day with news letters and new ways to help find a cure for this dreadful disease. Since last year I have added several more causes.  Epilepsy is one and Colon Cancer is another.  Not to dwell in the past, but, last year I went full out and when April got here and I was in New York City, I was exhausted and could barely walk.  I have learned my lesson and hope everyone keeps reminding me that there are only so many days in a month and hours in a day and rest is needed to survive and enjoy.....Yes, Lord I am listening.

This year, of course is our Team Patientslikeme at the 16th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk in NYC.  This will be our third year and hope to have 50 to a 100 walkers.  Last year we had around 35 and the year before we had four.  We are hoping to have a fantastic wekend in NYC from all over the U.S. and for donations ...we raised almost $20,000.00 last year  for research and hope to do that again or double it....Mark this on your calendar if you are going to be in NYC April 24, 2010..16th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk  100% of all donations go to research and we have received $125,873.00 already .  Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Next on my agenda is the Parkinson's Quilt Project, This is close to my heart also but in another way.  This is tangible to the patient.  His pride is touched as a panel is made to venture to Scotland in October 2010 for the Global Parkinson's Conference.  Individuals, groups, survivors and loved ones are banding together to make quilt panels from anything permanent to be on display there much as the AIDS quilts were displayed in the seventies. Contributions can be made through PDF an deach panel costs $25 to register...My personal page is listed under Charlene Pryor and I will be previewing pictures of the panels as they come through.  Wish us luck, this is a huge project.

Next is my concern for the colon cancer community.  We are looseing patients to this disease in alarming rates and the patients like Parkinson's get younger and younger.  This coming year there will be 5KWalks all across the U.S. for reearch and awareness and I am so happy to announce  these walks will be directed by a dear friend of mine for the Colon Society. In St.Louis Missouri, March 27, 2010, is one of these get togethers....If you are down in this area please come and spend the day.  We are expecting big things in this area.  St.Louis always comes through for Cancer.

Now las but not least I would like to thank all who have followed and nurtured me in the past year.  Thanks to the countless numbeer of friends and aquaintances I have made.  Thanks for the knowledge and direction you have sent my way and the donations to research you have made in my honor.  I am so humbled that God has presented me with this challenge and showed me how to handle it....Gandi once wrote: "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll.  I am the master of my fate:   I am the aptain of my soul."  God gives us the gift of life and what we do with it is our doing.....Make Him Pokie

Pokie and Pokie Jr.      Blessings are everywhere!!!

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