Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Square #2
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This is my first square and as you can tell it has a Christmas theme. This is only stage one Now starts the fun part. it heart and soul.  My grandmother use to be sure there was the tiniest drop of blood on her quilts in a out of the way place and she believed that gave them heart and good luck. Sometimes I sew in a penny laminated so it won't fade out on the material but there none the less to bring good luck. In this panel the trees will get decorated and Rudolf will get a nose. The teddy bear will be called "Hugs" and the sleigh and reindeer's will have a gold harness and trappings and the gifts will carry signs important to Parkinson Patients like Hope, Cure  and Faith and then it will be done  Just in time to start another one before July.
Don't you think you could do this? Couldn't you use markers or paint if you cannot sew? Why miss out on the fun and enjoyment because you thought you might not when really you could.  Go to this link and read all about it.It's simple to do and if your a member of you can join our efford just let me know on the site....Best of Luck   Pokie

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