Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Plate is Full.....

The Plate is full
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TEAM PATIENTSLIKEME  has it's first donation this morning in the amount of $100.00.  I have my hotel and flight tickets for New York City and I cannot tell you how excited I am. New York City will have me for extra days just because I am so fascinated  by this town.. I can only pray my health holds out until April 14, 2010.  This morning I am having my third EEG in three months. The purpose is monitoring  my brain for scar tissue. I had a grand mal seizure on October 7 and came right back knowing that this is the busiest time of the year for patients who advocate a cure.  Not only Parkinson's but Colon Cancer in St.Louis on March 27, and mingled in with that is the World Parkinson's Congress in October and it's PDF QUILT PROJECT of which I am a committee member. I guess you can guess your life away at this point, but I wish I could travel daily and get the word out there and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was making a difference
I am so proud of my team , Team Patientslikeme.  .Last year we come together from all over the United States for a chance to hug and hold hands and spend one day together helping each other fight our battle with this disease. You cannot go without crying and yet your heart is souring somewhere in the clouds.  I have never felt anything so spiritual in all my 63 years.  The first walk I stopped one of the walkers from PLM. (we only had four) and said, "Tom, we must pray" we stopped and  together the four of us lowered our heads and over two thousand people behind us stopped and prayed too.  This disease will never take that moment from me.I have listened to so many people say how upset they were that this disease had come to them and they wondered how God could have brought this their way.  Yes, it is so dibilitating and nothing is worse than loosing your brain bit by bit, yet as bad as this is look at the thousands of friends I have made and the experiences I have had.....I would have never known they were there. Pray for my continued journey and that somewhere along the way I meet the person that is carrying the cure. Maybe in our chance encounter the world can be changed.  All my love Always   Pokie     

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PUW said...

Glad to hear your flight is booked, good news indeed!!!!!! April 24th is just around the corner, see you soon Pokie!

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