Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Cannot Get Them All In The Boat

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Recent;y a  close friend of mine and I were talking and she was telling me of a dream her husband  was having the night before. She woke him up while he was thrashing around yelling "I cannot get them all in the Boat."  I know the feeling well. I brought it on myself.  One day I am working on  quilt squares for PDF and the next day I'm working on contributions for my team Team Patientslikeme for the Unity Walk in New York.  Spice in my team I am trying to form for the Colon Cancer Walk in St Louis in March and "Yes I cannot get them all in the Boat."  But to my amazement, they all seem to be holding their own and growing.  Another of my new friends brought it to my attention that he was not into the fund raising side of Parkinson's.  He was only interested in living his life to the fullest each day for as many good days as he had.  He prayed for a cure and did follow the research but did not actively advocate asking for donations or attending walks.  Walks, to me, go somewhere past fund raising .It's the being together for a day that shores us up for another year knowing full well that that might be our last year.  This might be my last year to get everyone in the boat and if it is at this time next year I will be lost.The need to be a part of a community and participate is something Parkinson's tries so hard to take away from us and attending a walks replaces. A heart to heart talk with Janet Reno while holding her hand, a hug from May May Ali, searching the crowd for Michael, these are the things that in the years of Walks 17, 18, and 19 some us will be at home quietly smiling and clutching our tee shirts. At this point in time the money will make no difference only the memory. But to someone we saved the money made a big difference.  Please give just a little and :"climb in the boat."   love ya Pokie

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