Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I worked all day today on a project I should not have been doing and knew it. Cleaning out a closet in my bedroom and reorganizing in hopes of increased fung-shi and increased sleep. I started at 5am and as with true compulsive behavior, I just kept going till supper tonight. Two steps and sit down, Sit on the bed and vacuum the floor. Scoot the boxes with my grabber down the hall. i was so proud of what i had accomplished. This may be normal for some but not for me. I have my cloths all hanging in one direction and color coded NICE but when I went to lay down and try it out. I still could not roll over. It hurts my left arm. I was extremely uncomfortable. So after all this work which will render me useless tomorrow i am back to the couch. There I have no trouble getting comfortable can roll and my arm does not hurt....go figure. So I have a guest room now if anyone wants to come and visit love Pokie

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