Monday, June 21, 2010

"Not On My Watch"

Here we are and it is Monday morning. We are starting a new week . Let's start a new attitude ....Clean, clean clean. We can no longer trust our health care providers to treat us in the cleanest and most sanitary fashion. This is not the eighteen hundreds and we are not in the middle of "Little House on the Prairie". Diseases exist that there is no cure for and they lurk in hospitals where you once went for safety for a cure. They lie in waiting for the unsuspecting patient who believes their environment is clean and safe. Far to often a patient goes in for elective surgery and dies from infection during or after their stay from waht is called HAI or Hoapital Associated Infection This is preventable. Never let a doctor or nurse touch you without first washing their hands or disinfecting them... and you do likewise as should your caregivers who are staying with you in the hospital. Keep the gel and wipes with you at all times and use continually. For more information please go to Be safe...Use wipes...Love ya Pokie

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