Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mixed Signals

I wish I could understand the message that is being sent to me today or maybe there is no message and my wires are just shorting out somewhere in time. I am working on the last panel for PLM's Parkinson's Quilt Project(number 16). The title is "Thanks" and my idea was to list the different organizations and companies who help PD patients survive in some sort of colorful way and this is how it went. I ran out of transfer paper because all the lettering kept coming out backwards so I decided to copy the different logos by going to each web site or cutting up my pamphlets and using them. Then I was faced with how to make them stick to material and be waterproof......As Oprah would say, I had a "A..Ha..Moment". The old reliable ziplock bags. I cut out each logo and put them in a ziplock bag, folded to the back to make it viewable and then taped it shut with scotch tape on the back then stitched each square onto the back panel with a whip stitch on my machine. And speaking of machines......Mine has decided to use it's own mind. When it thinks my ideas are TOO crazy it stops, breaks thread or WILL NOT BE THREADED. All of the above situations just really get my PD wound tight early in the morning or very late at night. Well I have vented a little and I will go back and get this DONE!!!!!!

Well it is now 12:45A.M. and I just took a picture of my new creation. I have been working on this solid for two days....I wish I had just one dollar for every time I threaded my sewing machine or filled a new bobbin. I can just keep on deaming because I am very sure there is no money coming my way....I wish I had some ice cream I would celebrate but nope. So I think I'll setttle for hot chocolate and put myuself to bed. Tomorrow is another Pokie

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