Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Happy Camper

That's right "a Happy Camper." I used to ask someone how he was doing every time I would see him and every time he would reply, "Oh,I'm a happy camper." He never missed a time. Some thought of him as a grouch, I loved him and he may have had it right. Everyday he did what he loved and was happy for it. That's what I have been doing...Writing, writing, writing....about anything and everything. and my grandson turned two this weekend and we had such a great party at his other grandparents home. We socialized from all ages and even had water ball fights in the back yard..lots of laughs and hugs..right down my alley. My effort to reorganize my home this summer while I can sell, give away and burn is going well. I want it all done before winter sets in. You might think I have plenty of time but you don't realize just how slow I move. I got a new vacuum that moves with a finger so I can push it with my wheelchair if need be. My PDR'S for my Parkinson's, as of this morning, are 22, which is fantastic! and this weekend I will be going to my first class reunion in 45 years...I don't know what has happened, but on returning from New York a new fire seemed to have been lit and I just have really been busy but in that busy getting things done too. All of this behavior is so not Parkinson's. We procrastinate and sleep alot and feel down and hurt, all of which leads to an under productive day. No matter what the reason I hope the Lord continues to let me "Camp"on this campground surrounded by my friends and loved ones...I am having a blast Pokie

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