Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special Moments for Old Hippies

How many ways can I thank you for the wonderful weekend you have presented me. I am so lucky to live in the St.Louis viewing area for PBS and have grown up, as have most all in this area, taking PBS for granted, just knowing it was the place to go everyday. This weekend I continually listened to your, or our, musical walk through life. The Canadian Tenors, the Straight Shooters, and glorious James Taylor and Carol King. I have laughed and cried and just simply let my mind wander to places it had not visited in forty years, at least. How did you know this was the weekend I needed this? I quess a true friend always knows those things. I have advanced Parkinson's Disease and fight it hard every day while I push myself to just keep moving. You took me to places I had forgotten and the date I shared with you was excellent to say the least. Please keep up the good are right on track! love always Pokie

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